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# 1 Too many battlegrounds.
03-20-2010, 03:31 AM
After leveling a fed side through to admiral primarily through pvp, I found that many of the battle grounds having the same pvp mechanic i.e. killing "X" pointless when choosing 3 types of the same battle ground, would it not be better to condense these battle grounds down so that all the people who say, sign up for the space arena battle get put into a one of the random different arena layouts (cracked planet/briar patch/solar wind).

I do enjoy multiple choices for battle grounds, as the same ones can get a little repetitive, but as things currently stand certain battle grounds are less used, especially some of the more tactical space battles at the bottom of the list.

I personally think they should reduce the number of choices in arena's making all space arena's a single sign up choice, then the same for ground arena's as long as the aim of the battle and number of people taking part matches up.

Anyone else have any for or against thoughts on this matter?

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