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# 1 Gear and Weapons question
03-20-2010, 05:16 PM
So another day has gone by and I done my share of ground PvP and I come to a few conclutions.

1. Gear and weapons are not even necessary to buy anymore, why waste the credits on that?

2. Only thing you need is 1-2 sci persons, maybe not even that, in your party and you can run around exploiting your way around.

3. The game is way unbalanced towards sci persons.

4. we need a timer in ground pvp for when where are no oponents so we do not have to sit around for 40 minutes doijng nothing while waiting for players to log in.

Why do I come with those conclutions? Well with exploit at the high rate it is I would guess that in a normal arena it would count for at least 70% of the kills given that you got sci fellas with you, otherwise a tiny bit smaller.

Gear/shields/weapons etc do not in any way affect exploit neither up nor down only thing you really need is the rifle butt or hand slap or whatever thats called in order to get the exploit. Then you can run around with the gun you get from start and just RB until you get exploit and kill person that way.

Thats the current situation in todays ground PvP, it has boiled down to who can get the exploit fastest. Its not a matter of skill in combat or who has better gear or better setup or healers. It has boiled down to one point and that is to get the exploit as fast as you can.

I believe thats wrong, I believe that as warriors you would seek a warriors way of killing someone meaning by blaster or batleth or whatever but the "old" ways. That would create more and better matches than todays "run and exploit until die".

Another thing is the 40 kills to clear arena, now that in itself is...excessive, it only takes 15 kills in a space battle and people die as fast if not faster in space than on the ground so...

My suggestion is this:

* make gear that will lower the chanse of exploits, thus making it harder for folx to get it and they actually would have to fight in order to win.

* make it so that people who respawn have a "grace period" that they can't shoot nor can be shot or damages, say 5 second. This so if they where to respawn in middle of enemy group they have a chanse to escape.

* cut down on the amount of kills required for win in ground pvp arenas.

* put a timer on arenasa since there have been some times that there is only 1 oponent and killing that one 40 times is tidious and have a tendency to make that person leave and then your just hanging around doimng nothing. A timer if there is no player in oposing team would fix that issue right up.
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# 2
03-20-2010, 07:54 PM
I run around with a medic kit on ground for all the juicy heals. I have tricoder scan as my only special ability that can potentially expose. I like it as i can perma heal myself and buff against exposes.

With the changes on tribble (removal of holds from exposes) i think i will be able to tank even more
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# 3
03-21-2010, 03:39 AM
Yes, when that patch hits...seems to be delayed

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