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# 1 1st Autonomous Defense Fleet
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1st Autonomous Defense Fleet


The first indications of Starfleet's need to mobilize for war began in 2404 when the Klingon Empire, emboldened by its successes against both the Gorn and the Orion, began pressuring the Federation for territorial claims over the Hromi Cluster. Although the incursion of Klingons in 2405 to claim these sectors of space was initially rebuked by a Federation blockade, the invasion of the Arachnis Sector in 2406 boils over into an all out war. Facing a hostile war front against Klingons on one part of their space, and the potential threat of Reman and Romulan hostilities on the other, the Federation finds itself stretched too thin to be able to adequately provide cover to their territories.

In 2408, after years of conflict that can not be resolved, the Federation finally resigns itself to the fact that it must approach the war with a new strategy - their traditional means of dealing with engagements is simply no longer effective at being able to provide support to all the fringe worlds that require their assistance. The 1st Autonomous Defense Fleet is formed for the express purpose of having a fleet of ships that can continue the aid and support of its fringe colonies, which simultaneously being able to be mobile and react to impending threats.


The First Autonomous Defense Fleet was formed as a mobile force capable of investigating and dealing with potential threats, effectively preventing them from becoming a full-scale problem. Due to the nature of their assignment, the First ADF has been given an elevated security level granting them the ability to make decisions of their own accord as long as they followed the basic tenants of the Federation Charter.

  • Supervising Officer: Admiral Mirna Graham
  • Fleet Admiral: Acting Fleet Admiral - Rear Admiral Rei Tsuki


To effectively investigate multiple leads and provide enough force to deal with potential or current threats, there is always a need to bolster their current forces. The 1st Autonomous Defense Fleet is open to transfer requests from starfleet officers. The official transfer document can be found here.

After submitting an application, please wait to be contacted. Most likely you will receive a subspace transmission.

Transfer requests are currently processed by:
  • Stez
  • Hiroshi Yazimoto

  • You can find more information at our forums here at:
  • The 1st ADF is a roleplaying fleet. and therefore required to roleplay to some extent. The amount of interaction is completely up to the player.
  • While the 1st ADF is heavy roleplay, we do not limit ourselves. We are open to PvE, Social, and PvP.
  • There is no restriction on timezone. We are all players from various timezones and places.
  • We strive to keep the fleet a friendly environment for all. So please, if you do join, keep your cool.
  • After submitting your application, you will be contacted by In-game Mail. That is the "Subspace Transmission" mentioned in the IC section above.
  • Any questions about the 1st ADF should be directed to:
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