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03-21-2010, 06:29 PM
Thanks for your thoughts everyone.

But Im not implying that escorts are easier.

what I am implying is the types of missions.

We should have missions where escorts shine.

But right now I think before we add more of those we should add some where science and cruisers shine.

and personally I think science should be given a higher priority.

No offense to cruisers, and as a cruiser captain I know, the fact is that cruisers are behemoths that can still dish out enough firepower to be considered as effective in their own right as escorts are in combat.

But science vessels got the short end, the escorts have weapons and maneuverability, cruisers are slow turners but are good tanks, other than buffs, a science vessel has very little in the way of advantages like the other ships.

And if they are going solo it would be hard to survive on buffs alone.

Science vessels have a thankless job, they have a hard life trying to level, but everyone wants one on their team.

So first I think we should get science missions where the science vessels can be doing something that makes them shine.

But I absolutely thought that the idea of a previous poster to have a mission where cruisers evacuate, science vessels stall the supernova for time, and escorts guard is an incredibly awesome idea.
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# 22
03-21-2010, 06:44 PM
Originally Posted by singular1ty View Post
Science vessels have a thankless job, they have a hard life trying to level, but everyone wants one on their team.
LOL, what?

I zipped to RA-5 in no time, exclusively in Science Vessels. I've also out-dps'd Cruisers and Escorts alike in both Fleet Actions and PvP. Stop trying to pigeonhole a whole ship class into some gimpy extension of EverQuest's holy trinity.
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# 23 >>>
03-21-2010, 07:22 PM
Originally Posted by Allegiance86
You need to give the game time, Every MMO that surrounds itself with something like Star Trek which is just as much about space battles as it is about bettering mankind will build its foundation on the space battles first. Why? because it brings in revenue. More then just the fans will flock to STO if they know they get to destroy things. But with time Cryptic will add the needed Diplomacy system. People need to stop expecting things right this second. Everyone can see the game should of taken another year of development. But thats hindsight and we have to work with what we got. If we really like this game and hope for it to stick around. We need to work on where we can improve things.
Hi all,

I agree 100 % with this Fed. The STO-team will do everything for their players, because they want STO to stick around for a while, and to be honost, I want that too.

Right now I am mad at Myself I didn't buy a Lifetime, because if there is anything STO got, it is POTENTIAL, guys ! I waited 35 years for this game, yeye, I have foresight, and it was Our Father's Wish by the way.
The rest I would like to keep for Myself...

Nice going CRYPTIC, you made the best game ever ! Please don't **** it up, but I don't think you will !

keywords here are PATIENCE & POTENTIAL.

I am the First Shaman, the shaman who takes action.

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# 24
03-21-2010, 07:28 PM
If anything Escort is the "worst" of the three, simply due to its fragileness. It does good damage, but it's a glass cannon. Its shields fall pretty quick.

I still play one because I find it more fun the broadsiding everything.
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# 25
03-21-2010, 07:35 PM
Escorts do awesome damage, until they're destroyed a few seconds into the battle. Whereas my science ship is on its fifth kill of a group before the escort returns from death and rejoins the fight. I can solo 20 opponents including multiple battleships, what escort can make the same claim?

Cruisers can do the same, it just takes them longer because they can't turn like I can for optimal weapons utilization.
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# 26
03-21-2010, 08:00 PM
I think another main point is diversity. Yes the escorts can blow through missions faster generally than the other classes. Yes they dish out a much higher DPS than the others, but they die much much faster.

For PvE the game is playable for whatever class you want, no problems. Your particular preferences are really what count there. Do you want the actual Enterprise from the various sereies? Or perhaps another ship you love? Well then pick that for PvE. The missions are all able to be done in any class. Whether Cryptic adds specific class missions later or not is all fine and dandy, but PvP is where it matters.

Take an Escort, a Cruiser, and Science Vessal into PvP. The Escort, to be played effienciently will use its strenghts. Its massive speed and manuverability to go in quick and try to pick off the weaker opponents. If it gets in a standoff with a larger ship or several at once it will get destroyed very quickly.

Now take a Cruiser in. The much larger and less maneauvarable ship is designed to hit hard for the long run. Able to stack as much DPS as an escort, for way way more armor. It sacrifices speed however, and must be able sit there and take punishment. Can survive multi ship engagements with a smart captain at her helm.

Finallly the Science Vessal. It is somewhere in between a Cruiser and Escort on speed, but loses lots of DPS and armor over the other two. Its advantage is abilities. It is a support vessal usually. Helping the cruisers and escorts hit harder for longer amounts of time. However with a smart captian there are plenty of offence aiding abilities to give you an edge over a careless escort or unprepared cruiser.

Each ship comes into its own in PvP. Spamming one ship type will get you killed if you go up against a balenced team that knows what to do. All cruisers might get a jump in the beggining if the pounce quickly but wont last long in a standoff against a few cruisers with a science escort.

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