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# 1 Shield types and power level
03-21-2010, 06:07 PM
(is this info accurate?)

Shield Theory
At lower tiers a Regenerative or Resilient work rather well, but a Covariant may still be better. Higher tiers near Captain and above the burst damage spawns can do makes Covariant or Resilient a better choice.
In PvP Covariant or Resilient win out over all other shields with a strong leaning towards Covariant as a clear winner.

Shield Power Setting (Every point of power above 25 gives you 4% of listed shield regen)

•25 - 0x regen
•50 - 1x regen
•75 - 2x regen
•100 - 3x regen
•125 - 4x regen

Shield Types
•Basic (Avg Capacity/Avg Regen/10% Bleedthrough)

•Regenerative (Low Capacity/High Regen/10% Bleedthrough)
Works better with higher shield energy setting. Can be used to great effect with high-dps enemies, but so can Covariant.

•Resistance (Avg Capacity/Med Regen/5% Resistance and Bleedthrough)
Getting one of these with a [Cap] bonus is a nice alternative to Covariant. Really nice in PvP.

•Covariant (High Capacity/Low Regen/10% Bleedthrough)
Works well with no power in shields. Science Team, Emergency Power to Shields, and even Reverse Shield Polarity all work well with this shield.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
03-21-2010, 06:12 PM
I chose the resilient with the cap bonus as well as 20% antiproton resistance at the admiral level. Haven't tried it against the borg yet, but seems to work well against everything else.

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