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# 1 Suggestion for PvP Maps
03-22-2010, 08:10 AM
As many Klingon players know, after playing the same pvp maps half a billion times it gets a little bit boring seeing the same view over and over again. Infact by the time you hit commander as a klingon the graphics become pretty redunant.

So a suggestion, instead of inventing whole new maps, why not incorporate this so called gensis engine into the pvp maps. This way each and every time we enter a map we are met with a new map, so that it gains the feel of a new mission instead of replaying the same one over and over again. You could even add a nice touch to it by including a planet or small moon to one side randomly on some maps, or on say capture and hold having the central starbase switch betwen federation, klingon, romulan, etc...

Basic positions on the map for objects like transwarp portals, starbases, or capture points would still be the same, but at least everything else would new and interesting. Like doing the capture and hold mission within an asteriod belt, or the mining station found within a nebula, a transwarp hub orbiting a planet.

So what do people think, would this be a worthwhile addition to pvp maps, is it asking too much, or is it just me who doesn't like doing the exact same map half a billion times?

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