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# 11 PVP is a blast!
03-23-2010, 08:55 AM
I play a fed exclusivly in PVP and have so much fun, I'm not sure I will ever do anything else but PVP, mostly ground PVP from now on.

Sometimes it's no fun when you get 2-3 fed teammates that dont understand that sticking together and working together is the key to a balanced, fun battle, but I've been on the winning side of some 40-4 battles as well. It goes both ways, even though KDF's are better team PVP'ers in general, you find some inexpereinced players sometimes and it's not fun winning 40-5 either (more fun than losing 40-5, but not much more).

What I do like (and I practice regularly) is when you get 5-1, I encourge my team to stand down and take the enemy on 1-on-1 while the other 4 watches. It's fun watching this and makes it fun for both sides. And in EVERY case, a couple minutes of this and KDF reinforcements eventually arrive and we can get down to some good team play. We did this just last night and Feds were ahead 4-2 (going solo on a lone KDF) before reinforments arrived and we ended up losing the battle 40-36, but it was fun, close and a blast.

If we ganked the poor KDF 5-on-1 for any amount of time, he would have left, another arrives, sees the score 6-0 with no help, leaves and it ruines it for all.

Everyone wants to win, but it's alot more fun winning (and even losing) agianst equal odds and sporting play.

Have fun, stick together and look for me, Jazdon (Cmd), Jason (LC) and Jackson (L) @TexKSAH ground PVP'ing for the Feds.
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# 12
03-23-2010, 12:23 PM
I agree, sticking together makes all the difference, especially, if one of the players can detect stealth, it can change the tempo of the match to the blue's team liking.

Not only is the team able to assist each other, but now they can protect each others flanks.

playing my klingon, early morning, i ran 25/25 (points/defeats), 5 Blues v 1 Red for the longest time. Know what killed me the most, the alien science player built to expose and detect stealth. The ones that died the most were the ones unable to detect stealth, or "a one of the trait given species."
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# 13
03-24-2010, 03:52 AM
Hpnestly, I've had really good luck with ground teams on my Fed. My Klingon has higher success rates, but I do better than 50/50 either way.

When I don't see Feds sticking together, it's not exactly because they aren't trying to work together, it's usually an experience issue.

When a lucky shot vaporizes you and your team mates are left fighting, you can do one of three things: wait for the team to revive you, respawn and run back into the fight, or respawn and avoid the other team while looking for a place to regroup. Each answer is the right one in certain circumstances, but if you choose incorrectly you end up split from your team. Even if you run right back to where the team was fighting, if the rest of the team died while you were running then all you're doing is charging the enemy by yourself.

When to fight and when to run is also an experience thing. I see a lot of teams get split up because someone ran at the wrong time, or didn't run when they should have. If it's 2 feds versus 2 klinks then we might as well fight and hope the rest of the team catches up (unless we're already close to the rest of the team). But I often get left alone because the rest of my team ran from an even fight. On the other hand, if it's 2 of us versus 5 of them, my partner had better run, because I'm going to -- I might draw fire a bit and maybe try and hold 1 or 2 first, but I will run.

I see a lot of feds not pressing the attack too. Klingons constantly press toward the enemy, and on the Klingon side if I start chasing down Feds as the run, my whole team comes with me. On the Fed side, the team is likely to just hold their ground.

I think it's just experience making the difference. I know what Klingon players will do, but they're almost all veteran PvPers. Feds are a mixed bag. There are an awful lot of feds who are brand new to PvP, but a lot of the most serious PvPers on the Fed side mostly play ground because it's easier than space, so the fed ground players are likely to be at either extreme.

When queues are uneven, I'll either sit out or look for 1-1s if my side has the numbers. If I'm alone, then I'll do 1-1s or 1-2s, but any more than that and I'll just refuse to respawn until there are more players on my team. It's not exactly out of spite that I don't respawn; I just don't want the score to get so badly skewed that we can't win when I get more team-mates in. Even if I lose a lot in 1-1s, we're still only likely to be behind by 3 or 4 points when the rest of the team comes in.

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