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# 1 Check out Orion's Dagger
03-23-2010, 10:16 AM
Say hello to Orion's Dagger, STO's latest Mercenary, casual, pvp, whatever you want it to be fleet.

We currently have over 150 members, our own website and forum, and vent.

We have many active and helpful players who will gladly give you a hard time as well as help you level.

Our current projects are;
1. Fleet symbol contest: we're holding a vote for a fleet symbol many members have suggested ideas on our website.
2. Fleet Motto: We're also trying to find a motto for our fleet.
3. Some players are creating their own 5 person sub squads fo the fleet to compete in interfleet pvp.
4. Growing our website and forums.

So if you're looking for a decently active laid back fleet. You found it. We have very few rules.. (I don't think I've ever even set a rule) I promote people pretty much at whim and I have a core of good fleet officers ready to help at a moments notice.

We are accepting all ranks so why not give us a shot.
No money down.. if not completely satisfied return for full refeund you just pay shipping.
Due to mail regulations all sales on Targs are final.

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