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03-23-2010, 10:36 PM
Originally Posted by Roter_Panda
The only drawback is that, and here especially (and with that I mean only) at U.S. primetimes, FED players suck. Don't ask me why. You usually score better if you do 5v1 at this times than having any FED ally.
But never count for a single heal at any time of the day from a FED, or a science team getting you out of VM. And sometimes I think FEDs believe Focus Fire must be some kind of metal band they don't know.

as a fed, if you want to get heals, bring them yourself (hell, go dedicated healer and the entire team will want to have sex with you).

as to quests -> do the quests, skip the explorations, skip the sector patrols/defenses, and do pvp between them. It really helps to see pvp in a different light.

and make sure that when you do the city on the edge of never (technically past imperfect; city on the edge of never ends at the guardian of time >important unless you wanna repeat the mission<) that you pick the efficient impulse engines and not the parantrinic shield. The shield obsoletes itself around captain level, but the engines are still the best in the game even past admiral.

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