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Hello everyone, I am going to create a new fleet called Omega Pi. There are no requirements to join except that you must have mature behavior and be 18 or younger. All Federation classes are accepted, tactical, science, and engineering are all welcome to Omega Pi. There are also no rank restrictions, the only rule is that you must have completed the tutorial! Other than that, it does not matter what your rank or grade is. You can be fresh out of the tutorial or an admiral, all are welcome! Omega Pi will be a casual, easy-going fleet. You do not have to be on all the time, we all have lives outside of Star Trek Online (including me). If you are interested in joining, please tell me on this thread (i will check it at least once a day) or you can pm me. Once at least 4 people post on this thread or pm me explaining that they are interested in joining I will Post the location and time of the meeting on this thread as well as pm those who are interested in becoming part of the fleet. Hope to see you in Omega Pi!
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# 2 good luck and good effort
03-24-2010, 02:26 PM
*shakes had good work dude )

life prosper,
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# 3
04-22-2010, 08:38 PM
This topic is CLOSED, I have recently made a fleet called Interstellar guard Omega

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