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03-25-2010, 06:14 PM
I am seriously tired of these weak game mechanics where we kill borg with 4-5 times more life than us and thier shields regen 2 times per take down. All they while strugging to beat dumb timers. I am one who never complains but when I cant even have fun I draw the line there. I have a lifetime sub so maybe in a few months this game will come out with itemazation that makes sense along with borg missions that I can enjoy. Its bad enough ground combat is clunky and unimaginative but to force most 90% of the missions there were I cannot enjoy myself makes it game over for me. I hope anyone that is having fun with this takes this with a grain of salt I just cannot continue to play this game as its lost its flavor for me. I truely hope everyone has a great experience but I am done for the time being. Ta Ta


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