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Ok, after my first try with "The Cure" I must see that the mission designer goes the same way devs from other MMOGs are go: by gimping player abilities so that only brute force as tactic is left. Very disappointing for me.

Came in and noticed that my two most important engineer skills (Cover Shield and Force Field Dome) had their duration reduced to 5 seconds or so. Anyway we fought our way rhrough the half map until we came to the point where each one must stand alone at a tower and fight alone against 6 borgs to defend the tower. We made several tries and left then.

I don't think the task is too hard and with some more tries we maybe would have done it but to must see my abilities gimped for a brute force mission design really brings me down
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03-25-2010, 02:49 PM
Its pretty simple reall even the towers part, but hey if you had knocked it out the park on your first go it would have been too easy right?.

PS: You have more than just a bunker kit dude.

PPS: If it was just a brute force mission you would not have failed.

PPPS: Did it all in 1hr 28 mins today...

PPPPS: Its easily do able in 1hr or so as it was not our best time today.

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03-25-2010, 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by Kor_Dahar_Master View Post
PS: You have more than just a bunker kit dude.
Ya I know, it's not the details what's disappointing me, the gimping of my most valuable skills just show me where's the journey goes to. That's only the beginning, as next they will gimp another skill, one more and so on. I saw this too often in other MMOGs.

The easy way of mission design, gimp all until you just have to balance dps against mob HP. Sorry but I play this game for entertainment and gimping skills don't give me more entertainment. After 5 years of hardcore raiding in EQ2 I have enough of sick nerdsport and I expected STO to be a nice casual friendly entertainment which will not turn into a nerdsport and now I must see the beginning of this.

I just wanna run 2 or 3 normal instances aka raidisodes every day and sometimes try a harder instance and what do I get: Only 2 instances available with things like unlock mechanics, infinte respawn, timers, mario brothers precision jumping ... nice stuff for hard instances but not that what I want as daily entertainment.

OK, I'm in a bad mood now and hope this gets better but atm I really regret that I activated my gamecard and have not waited until significant more raidisodes will be released.
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03-25-2010, 09:47 PM
If cover shield and force field dome had not been nerfed on this map, 2 engineers could practically sleep through this mission and get it done. A better solution would be to simply make worker drones able to walk through cover shields/force field domes, or maybe just make a special kind of borg with the ability to dispel them.

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