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# 1 Patch Impressions
03-25-2010, 10:05 PM
Consumables curing effects is nice. Maybe more people will start using them now (there are still waaaay too many people with "0 healing" in PvP, which means they aren't using hypos on themselves... well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink).

I wish they had increased the cooldown on consumables from 10 seconds to, say, 20 seconds, rather than leaping straight to 30 seconds. I think it's good that it was increased but I'm not sure I would have jumped straight to tripling it.

Expose no longer stuns you! This is fantastic. And you can use consumables while stunned so even if a Stasis Field holds you and exposes you you can either use a hypo to break the hold or use a shield battery to break the expose. Granted 80% of ground combat PvPers appear to have no idea what the expose mechanic is so they just stand there and die anyway, but the rest of us appreciate it.

The 3 second shared cooldown is interesting. Effectively it doesn't change your DPS when dual wielding exploit weapons but it does prevent you from slamming someone with two big hits back to back. The 3 second delay is enough time for them to pop a hypo or get into cover.

And since we can't spam hypos anymore and can't back-to-back blast someone with dual exploit guns, you might actually see Science "hold" kits go somewhat out of style in favor of heal kits. Seems like healing will be a lot more powerful now that expose isn't necessarily a death trap and with the hypo changes.

The nerf to the Split Beam is good. Already seeing more sniper rifles out there. Not to say I'm convinced that the sniper rifle is now totally superior but at least it's an interesting choice -- try to burn down one guy or try to wear down several people at once.

I didn't try the space changes much, but they look good on paper.
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# 2
03-26-2010, 12:00 AM
Space changes are largely hung up on the fact that they broke the Capture & Hold maps, and everybody is stuck in Sol trying to find the respec guy.

On a more serious note, the fact that crits now work, combined with the new Starship abilities and the corresponding upgrades for tac captains, seem to have made everybody into whirling clouds of instagib.
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# 3
03-26-2010, 12:09 AM
as per:
Originally Posted by faithborn
Over the coarse of the day, I have been on the recieving and giving end of a very large amount of excessive quantum torpedo damage crits, in the 15k+ range. This is not from a tricobalt or a high yield torp combo; this is a SINGLE, excessively powerful critical hit. My HYT3 often hits for 15-17k, but a single torpedo. Thats like the epic shots from the movies >examples<.

The organizedpvp channel got a kick out of them and we all had a good laugh about how stupid they were, but I thought that the forums should know about it. I will be bug reporting it tomorrow.

My Quantum torpedo regular crits now deal more damage than High Yield Torpedos 3, unless those crit as well (which actually oneshotted someone). I have observed a range of crits from 15k being the lowest noticable crit to 23k (which was NOT fun to receive, except for the laughter afterwards.).

oh, and most feds run around with their heads up their *** because theres no cloak. It doesn't mean you can full impulse into the ball (honestly, can't fix stupid ).

Finally, I'll be updating my skills counter list in the next few days to cover the upcoming changes to the big three.
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# 4
03-26-2010, 09:09 AM
I actually am really enjoying the new Crit function (though on the receiving end makes me glad for once I am in a Cruiser). But, in PvP last night I did enjoy seeing crit's off BeamOverload followed by crits from my HY2 Quantums.. made for some very surprised Klingons following me :p

On another note the fact that my Cruiser can turn now properly has allowed it to be much more survivable in a large pitched Space Battle. Overall, my PvP post patch experience has been much much better.
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# 5
03-26-2010, 09:13 AM
Ohh new critting, maybe thats why my cruiser's hull is basically glorified butter now.

And indeed, players going full impulse in the pvp match... UGH. Hate when I see everyone on my side do it... practically makes me want to swap over and shoot them.

As for the consumables, do the shield racharge ones count twards healing? I tend to run with healing kits so dont need hypos...
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# 6
03-26-2010, 09:23 AM
Running a through the ground maps with Feds last night I kept wondering who pulled out the nerf bat on the KDF.

Before the flames start, I don't think it was this as much as that they balanced things out a bit more. A lot less frustrating with the root/hold spamming. Tier 5 is as fun as when I was running at tier 2-3 before the spams got out of control.

Very welcome direction for the ground PVP fans.

On the down side though, popped into several maps with no KDF...more times than usual, don't know if this is a new issue or just the luck of the draw last night.
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# 7
03-26-2010, 09:37 AM
Haven't tried ground PvP yet (which I normally prefer to space), but I did quite a bit of space stuff last night.

The biggest difference, my tier 4 Fed cruiser can turn now. It still handles like a whale, but that's a huge improvement over before, where it basically couldn't turn in combat. The change is enough that I can mostly keep a broadside on my target (before even cruisers could just plant themselves on my 6 and stay there), and if I get tricky I can bring my torpedoes to bear long enough to finish the fight.

My tier 3 Klingon cruiser has crazy good handling now. I can keep my forward dual cannons on virtually any target for about 2/3 of a fight. When something get's out of that narrow front arc, it's usually because I turned to expose a different shield, and my broadside is still equal to a Science ship and better than an escort.

While I like the direction maneuverability went, survivability to a giant leap in the wrong direction. I kinda like the idea of crits, but before that 5-10 second kills were already more common than they should be. While the change might seem minor, survivability was barely tolerable before, and now it's even less tolerable.

Overall, I think the patch was a step in the right direction, but space PvP needs to be slowed down a lot. Right now space PvP is all about loading up on the right overpowered abilities beforehand (or the counters to those abilities) and then going all-out on burst DPS and CC for the few seconds the fight lasts. In Star Trek, most combat takes a few minutes and is more about balancing power, weapons, and shields than it is about 5 second kills and magic abilities which lock down the opponent.

The current problems in space:
  • Ships aren't durable enough.
  • Some boff abilities so far outshine others that there is no diversity.
  • It's always better to stack several levels of an overpowered ability rather than include a less powerful ability.
  • Bridge officer and captain abilities are the only thing that matters in tier 4 and 5 PvP. Tactical manuevering, power management, and defenses are inconsequential when compared to boff and captain abilities.

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