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# 1 Klingon Love
03-26-2010, 05:56 AM
Ok, we got the Life time badges for the Klingons too. But they look like something that should be on their sash.
Remember Worf's sash and the medals he had on it? Please make it so that it is included on to the sash intead of the arm.

Also when making uniforms for my bridge officers I have the option to not use the armoured collar. But not for my character. For him I'm forced to use the collar no matter if I want to or not. Make it optional to use them.

An other thing and this time about fleet uniforms. This works fine for the federation side as the male and female variants of the uniform corresponds to each other.

On the Klingon side that is not so. The females have clothes that the males done and the other way around. You should make some female versions of the male clothes so that if a fleet uniform is uploaded it can be the same for both genders.

Skirts, Klingon (and other affiliated species) need skirts as well. Just look at Lursa and B'etor:

The clothes on their upper body could be made as the equivalent of the male uniform for Fleet uniforms.

We also need wavy hair. Again look at the picture. Both male and female Klingons have hair like that. Not dreads. Haven't seen one Klingon with dreads.

Orion males need metal plates for their bodies. The need different clothing options and so does the females.

As for Trills, their spots are BROWN not BLACK so that color needs to be changed.

Then we have the elusive Aenar who are WHITE, not light pink, not light blue, but white with pink around the eyes and a tint of blue on their lips. Their hair is also WHITE not YELLOW. So you need to find a way to accomplish that.

As for Aenar and Andorians, their antennae needs to have more versions. When creating aliens there are other versions that would work great for both of them but these are locked away and everyone has the same "olive on a stick" antennae.

Badges on Off-Duty clothes. Please watch some Star Trek episodes, they usually wear them with Off-Duty clothes as well as they work as a communicator as well.

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