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03-26-2010, 09:54 AM
Well last night I had time to review the new items to include the dailies and the new mission "The Cure." All I can say is that given what I read before release my expectations were low. Here is a round up of some of the items and my take:

1) Dailies - Azure Expanse Exploration
Strangely I liked these missions. Sure its PvE but I actually had to use my BOs, on the ground! So I quickly populated my BO's ground skills and beamed down. Sure it seems to be a rehash of the Fed content you might have seen but it was fun doing this as a KDF member.

The Azure Expanse is not only ground but it also has the typical space related missions. These are pretty ho-hum as the space AI seems woefully stupid and easy to kill. I love hitting Science Cruisers with VM and watching them sit there as I pound them until they pop. I guess the AI didn't have ST1.

2) Dailies - PvP
Nothing different here with the exception of capping points on the first PvP maps in your lpull down PvP list (yah I know, Ive been on this map hundreds of time but for the life of me I forgotten its name. ) In any event capping points takes FOREVER. There is also a bug I saw last night that prevents you from recapping. This seemed not to rear its ugly head this morning so I guess just beware.

The "I did'nt get credit for the mission" bug, for the daily, still seems to be there. Eventhough the KDF won all 4 mission I only got credit for 2. The 5th mission completed it.

3) The Cure -

The cure starts out like Infected in space where you need to come to the rescue of a comrade under attack by the borg. This of course then leads to a ground mission to remove the Borg from the planet below. First gripe is nothing seemed to drop in the space mission. I mean NOTHING. Well get used to it because it seems the drop rates on the planet are only marginally better.

Ah, did you curse at the buggy shields in the last room of Infected? Yes? Well you are going to LOVE the wonderful transformers that need to be activated in a slow sequence to get shields knocked down throughout the map.

Oh did I tell you that after a short delay from activation a Borg welcoming party appears to turn them off. Beware the Worker Drones! In any event the first set of transformers is an exercise in activating them in sequence as quick as possible while killing off any worker drones that are trying to shut you down.

The second set of transformers seem impossible. I am certain people have beaten this set. If you have, spill it! Our group tried many variations to get the transformers to activate, the big problem is that there is one additional transformer and they are spread out over a larger area than the first set. The Borg workers have a habit of just beaming in out of no where (without a regeneration node). Yes that means you need a person on each one. Problem is that the transformers activation sends a welcome party with regeneration node that spawns worker drones. We didnt finish it, I am hoping tonight I can find another KDF group trying to do this mission (we all know thats hard).

4) New shared content like crystaline being etc I havent given a go yet. When I do Ill place a message here. BTW I could have sworn to see the Crystaline Being next to Qonos last night.

5) New voices / Sounds - Yes the Fed Female voice has been replaced by a voice that sounds more like a drunk borg with a frog stuck in his throat than a Klingon. Oh well its different.

6) Ship Changes - Well, its nice to see the ability to change the look of our ships. The choices look light Cryptic rushed the job, meaning they make our ships look like a kids erector set nightmare. BUT, at least its a start so one point to Cryptic for trying (please fix the models to look deadly not like some drunk klingon got a hold of an arc welder .

7) RESPEC! - wow this was a long time coming. Cudos to the developers for this. My one comment is I would like to have my current skill window open while looking at the Respec window. "U" closes the respec window and you lose all changes. Also once you have all your pints in it would be nice to play around with the balances. This isnt so easy. Such as you have more than enough points in a T1 skill to allow you to adjust T2, however adjust T1 results in an error message after you place points in T2 skills.

More to come : ) Thats it for the moment (Im at work ; ) )

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03-26-2010, 11:28 AM
Nice recap.

I'm happy with everything in the patch. I'm still sorting out the PvP implications for the various stats changes.

I don't like the new voice, either---if there was an option to switch back to the Fed voice, I'd use that instead. I would have preferred a klingon female voice that was softer and offered clear cues. There are very good reasons why most GPS users in RL select the female voice when given the option...and it isn't for prurient reasons.


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