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=============Basic Introduction=============

Lord is a multi-game clan that plays in a military RP fashion. We started as a Starcraft guild in 2003 and grew from there. We have over 40 players in multiple games, and are a good fun bunch that loves to have fun and help each other out. We have a professional website, and communicate over X-Fire. If you wish to view our introduction, please visit Here.
If you're interested in joining Lord, please contact me via X-fire or pm me via the forum PM system. My X-fire is jerlikins, and I welcome all inquiries. You may also contact me ingame if you wish. If you just want to peruse our recruitment office, feel free Any way you look at it, I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
-Lord Jerle

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03-26-2010, 04:07 PM
More Information

Lord is a United Army of gamers from all around the world that joined together in 2003
to be competitive, and successful against other clans in every multi player platform we

Our's is a Clan for hardcore players, and beginners alike. We created teaching
programs and guides for beginners to help them grow into skilled specialists
in the games they play. With our ranking system a Lord is responsible for beginners
and will guide them as long they need.

Our strong points are communication, organization, and a clear chain of command.
Since we are a group formed from players around the world there is always players
present around the clock on our chat platform. When a Lord gets in trouble, there will
always be a Lord there to help, if possible.

The main goal of Lord is to dominate with teamwork in any challenge we undertake &
compete at the highest level. In belonging to a organized group such as Lord, it gives
the gamer additional goals and adds to the games worth, as well as providing a
respectable, and honorable group of peers to game with, this in turn provides a since
of pride and camaraderie among our troops which is unparalleled in most Clans

If you want even more information, you can visit our recruitment office.

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