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I am thinking about forming a fleet when the server comes back up from maintenance. The name will most likely have something to do with exploration, but that doesn't mean that the fleet will only be concerned with exploration.

I would like to enlist others who might like to participate in any area of the game, but would like a very casual, player-before-skill type of setting to hang out, team up, and enjoy the game with others. For myself, I am mainly looking for others who like to have others to chat with while they play (especially in exploration zones which can get pretty quiet). I don't mind helping when I can, and I like people who appreciate that and help when they can.

I realize this is a very general description for a fleet, and that many others might sound similar, but I wanted to try forming a fleet as I have been in and out of many others not really finding what I would like. If you are interested in helping me form this once servers come back up (or if you see this later, want to know if I managed to form it, and would like an invitation), please post a message and let me know. Or, if you have formed a fleet or been a part of making one last and have any tips or suggestions, I would appreciate reading those as well.

(By the way, I do know how to actually form one in the game, so I don't need any help with process ^^)

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