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This thread is a shout out and search for those Soldiers I served with that have been, or currently are, members of either the 146th MMB MIARNG or the 1171st Medical MIARNG and who now play Star Trek Online. I am also interested in hearing from anyone that might recognize my old NG nickname and are playing STO. I made alot of friends in my time in the MI ARNG and miss you guys and gals. I am *hoping* that perhaps some of you are "SF Captains" and would consider allowing me to join your Fleet.... and I am actually hoping you have already made a Fleet together. I would love a chance to fly and fight along side of you in STO.

I know, this is a stretch, but then when you knew me as "Radar" you knew I was a bit "off" so to speak.

So ... if you are out there... and together you choose to contact me via PM on these forums.... then I look forward to talking again with old friends I miss dearly and have fun again... and this time without the all the "hoopla".

Gardavil ( a crazy old radioman and medic formerly known as Radar )

Thank you Forum Mods for allowing me to search for old friends.
Lt. Commander
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03-30-2010, 06:06 PM
bumpage to get it back up in view.

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