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03-27-2010, 12:06 PM
I got 240 from survey bought 1000 more. Used them for

- Playable Ferengi (80)
- 4 characters slote (500x2)

I like 9 character slot, might get two more. Only have 1 Kilingon Side so far.
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03-27-2010, 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by Aeries View Post
I am, however, a sucker for useles toys like extra uniforms, details for star ships and stuff like that which only adds to your appearance and has no effect to the actual game.
Me too

I just can't resist being snazzily dressed.
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03-27-2010, 12:08 PM
I've gotten 240 from the survey and bought 2000 points worth.

I bought pretty much everything in there except the respec, extra character slots as I have 5 already, and the rename. Its all fluff really, cosmetic things made to get our money and I know this, but I do want the options to get the different bridges and play the different races.

And yes I agree with the people that won't support Cryptic for their dubious business practices but I look at it as supporting the ST IP. This is the best game to come out in a while and I'd like to help it live a little while longer.
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# 24 nothing
03-27-2010, 12:22 PM
I have bought nothing.

I want to buy : MORE storage space, A LOT MORE. Like a lot lot lot more.

It's a freakin' starship. Where the goram flying spaghetti monster is the cargo space?

I want to buy a nice freighter, aka mule, to carry my extra stuff.

I want to buy stuff that they are NOT selling on the c-store.

Where are my orion slave girls I can hang out with on my bridge?

Cryptic is very busy doing a lot of things. I do hope that the c-store has better toys than it does now.

A lot better toys.

Nice looking bridges. Utterly useless, but nice.
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# 25 Question for the Community
03-27-2010, 12:30 PM

Question for the Community:

Please could you tell me if you would spend CP on the following titles or if you think they should be a free "Special Unlock" bonus for achieving a goal?

Originally Posted by Alecto View Post
The four titles listed below are suggestions to add to the C-Store, either for free, much like the titles Ambassador, Special Envoy, Career Officer and Crash Test Tribble or for a price.

Deputy Director (Officer Position / Title, used in Starfleet Intelligence / Section 31 and not a Rank)

Doctor (Officer Position / Title, used in Starfleet Medical and not a Rank)

Emissary (Honorary Title and not a Rank)

Fleet Captain (Honorary Title and not a Rank)
Also, if you can think of any other titles you would like to see in the C-Store, what would they be?

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03-27-2010, 01:20 PM
I immediately purchased 2 x character slots. Still have the 240 Cps from the survey.

What would I like to see?

Uploadable Fleet Skins.....Yeah, unique ship configurations just for our own fleet.

More playable races (both Federation and Klingon), but they should be the same price for all, unless they are truly better.

More ship types / skins: I want to have access to Gorn ships, Romulan Birds-of-Prey, Naucasan ships, etc..
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Ok so from the feedback so far, we've got a lot of people who haven't spent any money on CP because they already have CP from other sources that was given to them for free or because the products in the C-Store are just not that appealing to them.

We also have a small number of players who have plenty of CP that they have bought or they received free from a survey or a bonus, but there aren't enough products in the C-Store for them to purchase.

Now I'm unemployed and do struggle with money sometimes, but I do fully support this game and want to see it Live Long and Prosper! LoL

So when and if I have the money, I will use it to support Star Trek Online, I'll buy everything in the C-Store eventually, just because I believe I'm helping Cryptic make STO better for everyone and I firmly believe that players who buy the products that are currently in the C-Store will be helping by providing the money that is needed now to address all of the issues that each and every community member brings up in these forums.

Lets take for example, the "Comprehensive List of Suggestions for STO" thread, now that has got to be the biggest and best thread for suggestions for STO so far!

If we, the community, the loyal Star Trek fans, want to see new implementations in the future, like Cryptic bringing in Actors / Actresses to implement new Voice Overs, as well as many other suggestions that are in these forums, Cryptic is going to need all the money they can get.

So my point being, if you want to help make STO better not only for yourself, but for everyone, help Cryptic by purchasing as many C-Store products as you possibly can, given the circumstances that you are under.

Also, you can provide suggestions in this thread for what you want to see in the C-Store, post and tell us what you would really love to be able to spend your Cryptic Points on. Then I will take all of you're suggestions and post them in the Original Post, then Cryptic can look in this thread and say, hey look our STO players want to see this in the C-Store and there willing to pay for it!

Then they'll get right on it, because it will bring them the money they need to help themselves (we all know this), but more importantly it will bring them the money they need to buy new hardware, new software, new staff, new voice over additions, the Star Trek Online Team all want to see this game succeed big time and we do too!

So basically the more Subscribers Cryptic gets and the more players they can get spending money on CP to buy awesome products from the C-Store, equals bigger, better and faster creation as well as implementation of new content, in all areas of the game!

So who's with me?

/Rally Cry
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03-27-2010, 01:54 PM
Sorry but I see no point in spending real money in C-Store until Cryptic can persuade me to spend real money on another months subscripiton and they failed bigtime with the patch.
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03-27-2010, 02:03 PM
I bought the 2 extra Character slots, and the Cruiser Bridge pack. Previously I had purchased the Federation Klingon pack. (Just to support Cryptic! And promote the viability of Klingons in general!)
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03-27-2010, 02:19 PM
Money spent on Cryptic Points=$0.00

Im not interested in anything in the C store.
I dont need a retrain
I dont need extra character slots
I dont need extra bridge layouts.
I dont need extra playable races
I dont need.... anything in the C store.

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