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# 1 Bugs I've Come Across
03-28-2010, 03:05 PM
I have come across a number of bugs in the past few days and I want to post them here to see how many others have experienced the same thing:

- When entering systems/encounters/fleet actions, my ship graphics don't load fast enough to see it come out of warp and slow into the zone.

- Effect icons that branch out from my character quite often show up as different colored squares instead of icons.

- Sometimes when a window pops up with information from one of my bridge officers, the name of the officer does not match the one that is shown.

- Some NPCs in missions have an incorrect number of pips for the rank they're supposed to be.

- Weapons fire sometimes still casts improper shadows.

- Sometimes, particularly in space battles, some sounds (such as weapons fire) don't play until after they're supposed to have a few times.

- The number of skill points to achieve the next grade does not display properly when hovering over the experience bar, and the number of skill points remaining to achieve the next rank is incorrect both in the tooltip displayed when hovering over the exp bar and in the skills window itself.

This is all I have for the moment, I'll edit this post as I come across more.

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