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# 1 Idea: Improvements of LFG
03-29-2010, 10:21 PM
With the addition of The Cure in Omega Leonis, the sector rifled with LFG / GLFM advertisements. And I notice that the one that's available in the Social is greatly lacking in this area.

So I suggest an improvement that:

- Narrows LFGs to a specific mission (Similar to the one available in the Bug Report)
- Rank
- Faction (Klingons and Federation appear the same in the Social).
- Class / Specialty (Tactical, Engineer, Science)

This way it's faster to find those looking for a group, and gives an outlet to shy players who don't like to advertise

Also, can we also get an option regarding Fleet Requests? Not everyone likes to get invites out of the blue. :p

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