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I dont agree to this crap durne beta gms nerfed the fed side and their skills and disabled some good ones too !
now for their newest up date patch the feds cruisers are even more nerfed could be a bug but still I got an alt engineer and on my heavey cruiser now and I got the same skills as on my constitution class ship and now my ship is gimped even duren pve not just pvp.
this is not right is unfair and no fun any more.
before in beta fed vs klingon durne pvp was balanced untill the klingons cried about our team work and our skills they dont got.
so gms nerfed the feds and disabled some skills.
see startrek is not a klingon game its base around the federation and human kind to go in to space and stuff.
its not a klingon game if so it say klingon not statrek !!
statrek is feds !!
and you gms nerfed the side that the game and the movies and tv seires are all about !
what kind of gms are you just out for a fast $$ ?
theres more fed fan base then klingons and none of them want to do pvp now cause you nerfed the fed side and their skills.
and 90% of them now dont even want to bother to pay for the next month payment to keep paying after buying the game.
their all unhappy and disappionted with your work and how your ruined the fed side and their skills.
what you put in there for skills from beta and worked should of stayed the same and still worked.
thats how the game was made !
and now you even nerfed the feds hull and shields and stuff cause more klingons cried about the cruisers defense and their defense skills and power skills.
pffff... your cuasing us fed fans to leave your game and not want to return period !!
so that means you lose out on millions of dollars cause theres allot of fed fan base gamers out there then klingon or any other race.
so where your big pot of $$ once we fed base gamers leave ?
down the the drain !!!
so chose how many u see are feds and how many are klingons for startrek fans for the game and movies and tv shows ?
then you see how much $$ you lose out on stupid gms !!!
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# 2
03-28-2010, 01:39 AM
Welcome in the world of PvP balance, killing PvE..... a very usual problem nowadays in MMORPGs
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12-01-2011, 07:20 PM
Like most developers, they tend to nerf things for pvp balance without seeing what it does to pve balance, its a common thing.

Most of the time, its pvp'ers that cry for nerfs since they can't get instant wins.

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