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# 1 A Tactical Situation
03-28-2010, 07:28 AM
Captains log star date 2594...ummm...dang... supplemental:
We are on our way to chart the B'Tran sector....
*RED ALERT Klaxon sounds*
Capitan Brooks: Report!
Tactical Officer Lemkoa: We have dropped out of warp, in front of 3 Borg cubes.
Capitan Brooks: Fire all weapons! Fire all weapons! Fire all Weapons!
*Ship rocks as the sound of a tractor beam fills the bridge*
Tactical Officer Lemkoa: They have us in a tractor beam, sir!
Capitan Brooks: Attack Pattern Omega!
Tactical Officer Lemkoa: ummm.... Sir, I don't know how to do that.
Capitan Brooks: What? You are a decorated Star Fleet Officer, why don't you know how to do Attack Pattern Omega?
Tactical Officer Rwianna: *raises hand* Excuse me sir, I know how to do it.
Captian Brooks: Then please by all means, make it so.
Tactical Officer Rwianna: Well I can't do it from here. *hopps up from her console and over to Lemkoa's station*...*pushes button*
Tactiacal Officer Lemkoa: Wait, that was it?!? I could have done that. Why can't I do that?
Tactical Officer Rwianna: If you did you would forget how to push this button. *points to High Yeild Torpedo*
*Klaxon Souds* "SELF DESTURCT SQUENCE INITIALIZED" "ABANDON SHIP" *sounds the computer notification*
Captian Brooks: Bah, that was my bad, I was trying to transfer shield power, and I accidently hit the abandon ship button.... well gosh, I guess we better get out of here.... Hey is my log still recording?!?
*log ends*

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