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# 1 FED - Escort - Overkill Issue
03-28-2010, 05:52 PM
Hey guys,

have you noticed that since friday, a cruiser (like the one I'm flying) can't stand a chance
against a single escort? The following scenario repeated itself over and over:

My ship:
Assault Cruiser, MK X everything, various epics,
116 weapons power, 70 on shields (covariant double cap)

Fleet Escort, Cannons installed, same level (RA5)

I spot the enemy, get within weapons range, fire a volley of torpedos and cannons.
The escort takes moderate shield damage and loses 2% of it's hull due to bleedthrough.
The escort turns, opens fire on me. Done. My shields melt down in 2(!) seconds, another
2 seconds later the hull is at 0%. That's 4 seconds till death. I even managed to rotate the
shield frequency and throw in a shield battery - to no effect. 4 seconds.

I was actually able to stretch that to 5(!) seconds with 125 shieldpower, rotating frequency
and a battery - this is ridiculous. I checked my entire gear - nothing wrong there.

Don't get me wrong - not every escort is able to do this. It seems to be a combination of
gear and cooldowns that make this thing possible. We were able to play 3 rounds without
these guys, and the "normal" escorts did far from bad, but they couldn't crack a cruiser with
a single volley.

At some point 3 of these guys singlehandedly roughed up 4 cruisers (2 assault, 2 starcruisers)
in under 15 seconds - we never had a chance. There's gotta be a bug somewhere - somethings
stacking that shouldn't stack, or someone toyed with the DPS-output of a particular cannon.
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# 2
03-28-2010, 07:43 PM
TSS and antiproton weapons will do this you do not have RSP and sometimes that don't matter. Cannons can get crazy strong with cannon and antiproton tac consoles and weapon power consoles then add in RFC and shields melt. Cannons by nature proc/crit more since they can fire more.
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# 3
03-29-2010, 06:33 AM
Well, that doesn't make it right, now does it? We're playing PvP almost every day, but since friday it ain't no fun anymore. I would not complain if an escort would shot me down to 50% in the first volley - I'd still have time to retaliate and do some repairs. But on the first volley? This is ridiculously overpowered and unbalanced. The only guys who can actually counter these attacks are science ships with Viral Matrix - as long as they react preemptive on sight.

The only real countermeasure right now is playing a tactician on an escort ship, firing first

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