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03-28-2010, 03:15 PM
my bridge officers have all these skills that i don't seem to be able to access. for instance, one has boarding party lvl 9, yet i am unable to send a boarding party to enemy ship. that is just one example. how do i get the skills i want into the BO action bar?
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03-28-2010, 06:27 PM
There seem to be two factors that limit the availability of BO skills:
  • Has the officer been promoted to a high enough rank in order to train the skill?
  • Is the officer assigned to a station on your bridge that is of commensurate rank?
It sounds like you are promoting and training your officers. But you should be sure to assign them to a duty station on your bridge.
  • Press the 'U' key, then press the 'ship' tab on the left, then press the 'Assignments' tab on the top.
  • Next look at the stations that are listed and note the rank
The duty stations are labeled by rank and function: Lieutenant Engineering Station or Commander Science Station. Click the drop down box by each station and choose an officer. But remember that the higher the rank of the station the more officer abilities you have access to.

A Lieutenant Engineering Station limits the accessible skills to 3 possible BO skills and these skills have to be of the Lieutenant Grade. Commander and higher grade skills are blocked!!

I know this is frustrating but I hope this helps. If anyone has any additions or corrections please reply.

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