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My character is a Trill with a Klingon security officer. Recently, I've begun using a Bat'leth in combat and added to my back story that my Klingon BO has been teaching me Mok'bara. This got me thinking that maybe down the road it could be cool to have combat disciplines.

There could be both melee and ranged, from Starfleet ranged tactics to Mok'bara to Suss Mahn (a Vulcan martial art) and all the other combat styles of the Star Trek universe. In combat, you could chose a discipline that would augment your character through better damage, evasion, etc., whatever would be appropriate for that discipline, gaining the bonus when using weapons appropriate for that discipline. It could spice up ground combat a bit. It would have to be a long term thing I'm sure, since it would need new animations to go with tleach discipline.

You could learn the first level of a discipline from a trainer, and it could be added to your skill set and levelled up like your other skills. Or if that sounds too easy, you could go back to the trainer to increase your discipline's level.

What do you think?
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03-29-2010, 02:18 PM
I'm very much for it. I'm a sci officer, and I'd like to use some martial arts (looks better than oversized assault weapons or Klingon weapons on both Ferengi and Betazoid), yet I can't because its a tac only kit. From my background, I'm a member of Starfleet Intelligence, and I doubt they don't train their agents in any hand to hand combat.

As kits, as additional ground skill tree... I'd be fine with it.

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