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A few days ago I went to DS9 to reskill my points to get my skillpoints in a better place for being an Engineer.
The new tree as best as I could get it, there should more points for Tier 5 skills but that another matter.

Anyway I come on tonight and find the instade of being a RA5 its showing RA -39 and that my skillpoiints are -60700/0 and for some resson its starting to recount up anything I can kill..

My tree is still there all the way up to the tier 5 points are there all my skills are on my tool bar but as I go in to areas that would be places I should be in there all +40 thru 132 in there lvls so what am I to do then.

Hunterdee toon now cant do anything even in the low areas my ship spawns +44 stuff that for some resson I cant kill in a tier 5 ship

Also I can't pvp it says I have to be a L7 to pvp man is this all mssed up..

I'm upset but I do have other games to play as I wait for you guys to fix the problem.

Peace out!

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