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03-30-2010, 05:24 PM
Finished parts 1, 2 and got to shielding the artifacts. LOOKS like all 20 are shielded, but for ALL of us (like 10 in the instance) it tells us that there are 19 of 20. We all walked around (dying a lot doing so), but ALL 20 'look' like they are shielded. What's up with that.
NOW I read that once we do get this part done, there is MORE? This mission should reward with several Epic drops. I have spent hours and hours over several weeks on this one...
Come on Cryptic, lets get this one mission fixed, eh?
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03-30-2010, 08:53 PM
Originally Posted by -Wingtip-
how the hell did you get 3000 skill points? the mission only offered to accept 100+ points, and whatever i earned in mission which is like 1 skill point every few minutes.... took 3+ hours, i revived 100+ other players, killed a zillion enemys and just cant figure out how you got that many, if it had gave me 3k i wouldve been ok with that craptastic long of a mission.... so peeved about it i have another thread on the dig as well with some other suggestions that would help in many missions....

I went up 2 and a half levels in captain, thats what? 1700 skill points a piece? or something like that. So actually more than that, and Im not sure how. I just kept killing and killing and killing and killing. I was getting +1 on about 60% of my kills. +2 for 20%, and +3 or more for the rest. Everyone in there started at +5 levels to me, so I suppose thats how. I just got really lucky that it was a higher level instance, and i was able to capitalize on it.
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03-31-2010, 03:40 AM
that just further shows how screwed up these missions are like the dig and ds9... 3 hours of work and one guy gets 100+ points and another 3,000..... BS

You should get 5 skill points every time you have to stop and revive someone else.. I revived 100 people i bet....

from now on im not doing fleet missions unless i know for a fact the payoff for the effort is justified...

and instead of coming out with crap missions like that how about fixing the exchange so you can sort by price, and give us fleet only missions where we can choose our own settings for "our" fleet to play, like the rank/level of the enemys, enemy to fed ratio, spawn locations......
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03-31-2010, 04:08 AM
Run it everyday with one of my RA5s and best thing out of here are the random drops. Never had a problem until about part 3 when you notice that your squad is the only squad left in the instance... Also, when one of your squad dies and instead of respawning in the instance he was in.. he is in another instance... that is always fun...
Gotta finish it at least once for your might small hypo reward.. oops, that was the reward for the DS9 mission... Anyway the random drops are pretty good and the mindless zerging (zero brain capacity needed to do this one) can be a break from infected/cure stuff
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# 15 Oh the pain..
04-01-2010, 12:39 AM
I tried this yesterday. All I can say is, can I have those 7 hours of my life back please? :p The biggest pain of this mission was trying to find the archeologists. Somehow 2 of the 20 found really good hiding places as after untold circuits of the trenches did not turn them up. I was with various teams during my time in the Dig too, and no one could find them either. The only advice we got was to 'Look by the crates' Checking the forums turned up even less advice. Hopefully, at some point, I will be able to complete this episode. Until then, I will continue with other episodes and wait to see if I hear back on the ticket I filed about this.

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