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From : Fleet Admiral Alaris Perim
To : The Star Trek Online Public

Subject : Fleet Charter Signed

As of Stardate 201003.28, The Department of Temporal Investigations has finalized and signed their Fleet Charter. We have some of the finest and creative players across the universe of Star Trek Online and we are looking for others with such admirable talents, dedication and leadership capabilities as we continue to grow and expand our operations into our Klingon Sister Fleet, The House of Khronos, and our Tribble Test Fleet on the Tribble Test Server.

DTI is an international fleet and supports players of all types, to include PvE, PvP, and Roleplayers. We also support Cryptic in testing and reporting bugged content throughout both the Holodeck and Tribble servers to help provide a better gaming environment for all players. If you would like more information about our fleet and its members, we invite you to visit us at

If you are interested in joining the agency, we would love to have you. Just contact any member of the fleet and we will welcome you in. Because our operations extend across multiple fleets, we use a separate channel to communicate with all of our players, so do not expect to be using the normal fleet chat.

Thank you for reading through our post, and have a great week Captains!

May Time travel with you wherever the journey may take you.

Fleet Admiral Alaris Perim.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
From : Fleet Admiral Alaris Perim
To : Anyone looking for an awesome and active fleet

The Department of Temporal Investigations is currently looking for new agents to help us expand upon our Klingon Sister Fleet, The House of Khronos. We also operate a Tribble Test Fleet and are looking for testers to help with our Continuous Content Testing and Reporting Initiative. As well, since we are an international fleet, we are looking for more players from all corners of the Earth.

We use ventrilo and our own chat channel for communicating across our multi-fleet operations. We are helpful and friendly with a focus on having fun and enjoying each other's companionship. We also hold true to the core values that Star Trek is founded on.

If this is a gaming community that you would be interested in being a part of, then join us as we continue on our journey together.

Have a great evening!

Alaris Perim@MindImagination

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