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When I started my KDF character, I just joined the first fleet that recruited in zone to have a regular PvP team. Well, now I realize that's not all, as there is no RP where I am, and its not always as mature as I expected first. In short, I'm looking for a new fleet, one that suits my interests and style better.

Here's a quick checklist what kind of fleet I'd like to join:

- RP fleet, but not taking things too religiously. I don't wanna sign up 12 websites, change my name, paint my ship purple with yellow dots or anything. OOC chat is fine, if its on a mature level. (This reads as: the members are able to read a map, for example.)
- Ground heavy. Unlike many others, I like ground combat much more than space combat. This goes for exploration, fleet actions, PvP. I do space combat, of course, but I wouldn't really fit in a space heavy fleet.
- I don't care about loot too much, but I care even less about people only playing to get things that make their EC balance go.
- I'd prefer 18/21+ only, but if your younger members don't behave like idiots, I don't mind if the fleet has no age restrictions.
- No Vent. No Teamspeak. Team channel during PvP or fleet actions is perfectly enough for me.
- Good management of fleet bank. I like to contribute, but I would rather not repeat the experience of putting tons of stuff in a fleet bank, have it cleared out by the fleet leader, and never hear from it again.

Your possible recruit is Quon, Lethean, currently at Lt. Commander 6 (with a lot Tribble experience tho). He's sci/sci, and yes, I actually try to heal people. Roleplay-wise, Quon is a little less smart than he thinks, not to say... a bit stupid. Doesn't keep him from considering himself the most qualified researcher; his field of study is the relation between telepathy and intelligence, hence his completely retarded Nausicaan crew.

If there's any fleet that has use for a Lethean idiot scientist... Forum message/posting is fine, but I'd like to meet in-game before I join.

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