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The following are suggestions using current content that i haven't seen used in Klingon Exploration content.

1) Use decloaking npc ships occasionally to vary missions like Scan The Satillite. It turns the repetitive scan missions into fun possible ambush missions.
2) Use decloaing npc's on the ground like Jem Hedar/Hirgoen/Starfleet with the right kits. Yet again this can be used to vary boring scan missions.
3) Re-use the Klingon ship interior present in City on the Edge of Forever mission and add it to an Exploration mission: re-take the Klingon ship. Use the available Klingon bridges to vary the interior.
3) Add Orion/Gorn/Nausican renegades to the Exploration missions. The ships/ground models already exist and its reasonable to assume there would be many renegades/criminals operating.
4) Use Starfleet bridges for Exploration mission encounters involving around boarding stricken enemy veseels.
5) Include the Ferengi in some fashion. The ship models and ground models already exist. Perhaps a Ferengi trading guild which doesn't support the reforms of the Grand Nagus and prefers the old ways.
6) Include ground missions that take place in the dark for atmosphere.

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