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# 91
04-12-2010, 11:23 AM
I haven't seen it happen again since I posted about it in this thread 12 or so days ago.
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# 92
04-12-2010, 02:23 PM
Had this happen a few days ago when flying my assault cruiser. RSP III was up and shields were at full, there was maybe 3 or 4 Klingon ships firing at me and I had to ask in zone chat what happened to cause my hull to do a 100 to 0 in no time with RSP III up and shields at 100%.

One guy answered and we chatted for a few, he said "APB, learn it, use it, love it". Thing is I do use it quite a bit.

When flying my tac officer in an escort he has APB III. I even like using APB I in my cruiser for some reason and I have never ever ever seen anybody I'm shooting either by myself or focus firing, where their shields are at 100% when they asplode. The target's shields always go down first.

Somehow to quote a famous comedian, the truth in this is somewhere between "Live free or die" or "Famous Potatoes" and I'm leaning towards "Famous Potatoes". By that it could stacking TSS from multiple attackers, a bug with Beam Overload and RSP, or some other "just at the right moment" blue moon occurrence.

While hopefully Cryptic may improve the log parsing there is a parser available for download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/combatlogparser/. Unfortunately I haven't installed it myself yet but if some of us do maybe we can pin this down or help gather some information to help Cryptic.
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# 93
04-12-2010, 02:57 PM
This is a fun one also, it passes shields and damages straight the hull.

I gave somebody a Beam overload II for 9312 damage in PvP right ?
He gave me back a staggering 93000 damage direct on the hull with.... Feedback Pulse III
It said so in my combat log, but it did pass through my shields and KA-BOOM... gone in 1 second.

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# 94
04-13-2010, 08:17 AM
Nah ,Feedback Pulse Crits arent that new but will be changed with upcomming patch.

I got oneshotted today by an Escort ,had a talk with him after the fight as my combatlog didnt show the kill-damage. He used Jam Sensors and then launched a Tricobalt which was what killed me as i got 100% shield +RSP 2 and 100% Hull +HE 1 (45% Resist to all on Hull). He said to me that his Tricobalts are able to crit for ~130k Damage on unshielded Hull which should also be enough to get through shields. I cant tell how much damage it really is as combatlog just happens to not show this ...maybe on purpose from Cryptic so we dotn comply too much well who knows.

Here some maths ,using a Negh'Var as base ...Klingon Battlecruiser for those that dotn know

Torp-damage does 1/4 of its damage that it would do to hull to shields ...i got ~8000 Shields so it would need ~32000 Damage from Torps to take out the Shields

Then i got ~41000 Hull with 45% Resist which makes ~76-78000 Hull points.

So all in all ,everything above 110000 Damage is an instant kill for me.

About RSP Running ,if you guys keep watching your Shields with RSP running and others shooting you ,you will realize your shields taking damage and 1 sec after the damage they got will be *healed* so it is possible to break through RSP with a High Damage single shot. Means if it deals enough damage at once it will drop the shields for a part of a second and expose hull for any left over damage from that one shot.

I guess thats one possebility of what oneshots you even with 100% Shields and 100% Hull.
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# 95
04-13-2010, 01:44 PM
Originally Posted by Arizhel
I guess thats one possebility of what oneshots you even with 100% Shields and 100% Hull.
It doesn't fit the profile.

Let me offer this: On more than one occasion I survived... whatever this is. I watched my shields very closely (as it had already happened once that match). The did NOT flick out, ever. They were in the 80-100% range after... whatever is doing this... but my hull? 8% from 100%. This is on an Escort with nothing but cannons and projectiles, so no FBP.

*something* is bypassing shileds for massive damage. The only things in my combat log were plasma arrays & tetryon turrets, though obviously one of these "invisible" torpedoes could have done it too. I suspect its a combination of things (debuffs, buffs, bugs, glitches, and weapon types) that results in this - like the "100% expose" on the ground which is really just a sci capt. using 4-6 different attempts at exposing you in quick succession.

Understand, I dont want some kind of nerf, or some kind of QQ - there are other things for that energy. I just want to understand what happened!

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