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03-31-2010, 05:32 AM
Hello all strike armada is recruiting we are a new fleet with lots of potential. We are looking to fill up our ranks which are.....

Junior Officer
Senior Officer
Flag Captain-Reserved for the origanal 4 that helped create the fleet.
Flag Officer/Commanding Officer-Reerved for Fleet leader

To become a full member deposite an item within the fleet bank(Although this is subject to change)
Recruit ten members and deposite 20000 credits to the fleet bank and be promoted to junior officer
Recruit twenty members and deposite 30000 credits and a uncommon item and be promoted to officer
Recruit thirty members and deposite 40000 credits and a rare item to be promoted to senior officer

Also my flag captains will have the power to promote officers so they can promote you for their own reasons and i will accept their opinion.All officer levels can promote a member to the rank below them. So getting to be an officer will have some advantages.

The fleet is mant to be fun and enjoyable. It will be a support for players and members will have access to the bank. Fleet actions will be set up every weekend by an officer or myself. Members are encouraged to help eachother and talk on the channels to keep the fleets sense of community. Need help just ask. We are STO players for life were all enjoying the game and we want to bring a little more enjoyment to other players. Sick of people leaving the fleet your in no chat etc then join us and live the full fleet expierence. Rise to officer level and get more privelages. Be in a sense of community a team a family were we are all working together to make our fleet the finest in starfleet.

If intrested just leave your character email below

As of now i am looking to fill Junior officer to senior officer roles within the fleet. All new recruits at the moment will be immediatly made a member. I have decided to give rewards such as...

Recruit ten members and be promoted to junior officer
Recruit twenty members and be promoted to officer
Recruit thirty members and be promoted to senior officer

This offer is only valid until we fill up the fleets ranks. So start recruiting if you want a good position within a fleet.

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