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This is not intended to be a pro/con thread for having a respec available for purchase on the C-Store. Let folks vote with their $$$ on that.

That being said, it appears based on /zone chat that some players are unaware that there are free methods of getting respec tokens. They don't realize they got one with the update, or that they get one on each rank up. And some are instead buying the tokens thinking it's the only way to get one. I've also seen posts on other forum sections where people are also under the impression you can only buy respecs, not get them for free.

Could you add a confirmation window alerting the user if they already have a free respec token available, and whether they really want to buy an additional one? I feel bad when I see folks buying tokens when they didn't need to.
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06-25-2012, 02:02 PM
were you kiding there i have 3 respec token an i cant use them

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