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Im not an every day player.. Id what you call casual.. But every time i log in.. i have to DL some big huge patch..

thankfully the patches are worth it.. But wow cryptic.. i havent ever played an MMO that has had so many changes in such a short period of time.

i duno how you cramed what seams like years of work into 6 months.. but kudos..

Im really looking forward to the next 6 months, and even years.. full ship interoirs, new and imporved explorer missions, perhaps a much deeper adapation of planetary aid..

I also cant wait for things like being able to beam down to planets like starfleet headqaurters, or risa. Or even exploring places like cardasia, bajor, ferenginare.. Or just being able to beam down on random planets in general for surveying/exploration, or even just alein intereation.. Maybe even some wild hunting on some adventure worlds.. Targ hunting anyone?

I know i had faith when you launched this after playing CoH, a game which i truely love. But you definately exceeded my expectations..

thank you..
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07-31-2010, 05:56 PM
Star Trek Online was created in 2 years whereas other MMOS typically see 4 years of development.

It's very likely that most of the features in the 18 months to come will actually greatly enhance STO's performance in comparison to its competitor and make it a better rounded experience.

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