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I love STO, I understand that it's a growing evolving game. And not everything can be done all at once. I look forward to rolling a cardassian and seeing new content down the line.

But sometimes I look at the customization and ask this a cryptic game?

I'm not talking about ships here. And I love the new hairstyles added.

But lets face it, Customization for Klingon faction uniforms is still very very very pitiful. I assume there Casual uniforms are just as bad. Infact it's the main reason besides lack of Episode PVE and a way to fully level through PVE that I haven't rolled a Klingon or Orion. Lets Face it Orion women need bikini's. The second they get them I'll roll one.

Federation is not as bad. But Certain things need to be in that arent. Heels for women. One Piece Uni's like Deanna Troi's. And maybe some 2409 variation on the one piece skirt uniform. Or even just a skirt option.

Casual uniforms are a great Idea, Sadly there are abysmally few options here to. Nothing really I see a betazoid wearing.

I hope to see all of these things added in future updates. I hope more customization will be added with an eye to lore. I would pay for all of the things I asked for in the C store as a matter of fact as bundles and such.

Just wanted to let the devs know my thoughts and desires. Stuff like this would defiantly get me playing more.

As well as a Klingon PVE, A Cardassian faction, Or Even a Rare Cardassian B.O. or something.

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