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What do you want to get out of a fleet? Organisation? Comradery? Normally you would think that a highly organised but friendly atmosphere is something that your primary school teacher dreamt of while you smeared some unidentified, foul smelling substance on your classroom wall before she whipped out the large ruler and went to town.

Yet with the 7th fleet you will find perhaps the most competently active fleet within all of STO. Im not just talking about game play skill, Im talking about support from your fellow fleeters.

When you join the 7th fleet you get access to:
An active role-play community
A highly active fleet
Crafting support
Organised fleet cohesion
A friendly but mature atmosphere

The 7th Fleet has many different career paths to take with in the fleet as well, beyond Tank, Healer and DPS. Want to specialise in crafting? Task Force 73 is looking for dedicated people to help with crafting. Want to assist in fleet logistical runs? Task Force 71 is looking to get supplies where there needed. Want to assist fellow fleet members when they bite off more than they can chew? Task Force 80; Marine division, is looking for solders to assist personnel in dire need.

Most of our members are either retired or active military personnel. If youre a civilian, you get exposed to the culture that is the military, if you are retired or active in the military, you come into an environment your already familiar with.

What were looking for:
Active, mature players (Over the age of 18)
Players who use vent
Current or prior military back ground (Not required but a big plus)
Players from all over the world
Players that want to have fun

If you think you fit that description then what are you waiting for? Head to and sign up.

Join the Fleet you can be proud to be a part of, Join the Lucky 7th!
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04-01-2010, 05:24 AM
Join the fleet you can be proud of, join the Lucky 7th!
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04-02-2010, 02:08 AM
More Recuitment content Coming
Join the fleet you can be proud of, join th lucky 7th
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04-04-2010, 01:01 PM
Join today!
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04-08-2010, 07:55 PM
"Federation reporter Miranda Gillan sat down with the comanding officer of Task Force 70 today. Captain Edward Hau described some of the work he was doing for the 7th fleet. We will now show you the exclusive interview

Miranda: Gi'day Captain Hau.

Hau: Good day Miranda, how have you been?

Miranda: Not bad, not bad. Now mr Hau, we've brought you in here today to see if we can get a better grasp on the structure of the 7th fleet. What exactly is it that Task Force 70 does.

Hau: Basicaly; we find new and exciting ways of blowing stuff up.

Miranda: *Suppresses laughter* Righti-o, care to elaborate on that at all?

Hau: Task Force 70 is the Starfleet Corps of Engineers detachment to the lucky 7th. That means we get it, test it and then figure out the best way of using it.

Miranda: Uh huh...

Hau: Space combat is always changing, new equipment, different rules. Task Force 70's job is to stay ahead of the game, and share what we learn with the rest of the 7th Fleet.

Miranda: So you do research and teaching on new weapon technologies and tactics?

Hau: Precisely. Within the 7th Fleet Captains need to be able to operate at the best they possably can. Reserch into new, more effective weapon loadouts and tactics is invaluable to the 7th Fleet.

Miranda: well there you have it; Task Force 70. Getting captains the training they need to properly out fit their starships. Thank you for your time Captain.

Hau: the pleasure is all mine ma'am"

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