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04-04-2010, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by faithborn
I always wondered why ships didn't just beam out the warp core when the shields dropped, just pulling random stuff would cause ALOT of damage. /musings
Or they could just beam the enemy crew out into space...

An unmanned ship doesn't usually fight back.
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04-04-2010, 05:08 PM
it sounds like you guys are refering more to fvk, i have seen total chaos when its fvf and 1 guy on each team fires a scramble sensors. everyone looks friendly and are star fleet so the only saving grace is if your in a team and you click on your team mates little pic to sent them an aid. (and then maybe acidetly shoot them because you no longer target their target lol). i think this power works awsome in those situations.
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04-04-2010, 11:14 PM
Originally Posted by Zoberraz View Post
*Star Fleet Engineering Team beams on-board a klingon bird of prey. Bewildered starfleet technicians look around and suddenly find themselves surrounded by hostile klingon crewmen*

Klingon #1: "Saboteurs!"
Klingon #2: "How did you transport through our shields, Starfleet?"
FedTechs: "Uhh... actually, we were ordered to come onboard and help with damage control."
Klingon #1: "Oh. Well, come this way. We have a problem with this plasma relay..."
FedTechs: "Actually... we might have gotten the wrong coordinates. It's not like us to impose... we really shouldn't stay..."
Klingon #2: *points disruptors at the Feds* "We insist. you fix our stuff. Then you can go."
Fedtechs: "You won't kill us?"
Klingon #1: "We will... but only once you fix our stuff and get back to your ship!"

Also there is the fact STO is not an RPG... There is no roleplaying at all, from what I have seen, unless there is some kind of secret RP group I am not aware of.

But I mean, even NPCs metagame and make direct reference to "Star Trek Online" in their speech text... It's a joke as an RPG. Really it's just an action shoot-em-up game but with experience points, kind of like Call of Duty but with auto-aim.
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04-04-2010, 11:17 PM
Originally Posted by Matt_Dravis
Well, here's a thought.

Instead of Scramble Sensors making all players appear friendly (while it also removes the firing restriction on friendlies), it should simply make all players appear hostile. That way, you cannot even help your allies, let alone your enemies. Remember that the description of Scramble Sensors is that it is supposed to make enemies target each other.

How do we get around the name giveaway? Well, that's still a problem even with the current incarnation of Scramble Sensors. All player names and ship names should be scrambled as well.
I fully concur. SS is crappy for PVP in large degree. It is very effective tho in certain instances. Still i would prefer it if the skill behaved as you describe. Ya hear that cryptic...?

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