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I was thinking of a few new missions that I would like to see in the future so I thought I would throw them up here and see what kind of response they get. They deal with a relatively large fleet engagement that each player would be involved in. This mission would be something that you could see in a repeatable exploration mission.

First off the mission would start that as you go into an anomaly you get a prompt from another Starfleet captain thanking you for responding to the call for general assistance from Starfleet ships. Then they would explain the situation where for whatever reason we are on the eve of a battle against and enemy of unknown strength. You would be assisting a task force of approximately a dozen other Starfleet ships.

At that point the enemy would warp in with their fleet and a large battle would ensue. Possibly in waves or extra reinforcements as the battle goes to escalate the situation.

I realize that they are talking about introducing a difficulty slider, which I assume will give you the opportunity to spawn more enemies to fight when you are solo. However this type of mission isnít in the game and I feel we are missing a big chance at something that could be a blast for the player. Iím not sure how much processing power it takes to run a battle of 25 ships so perhaps this would be one of the more rare missions to get.

The second mission would be similar, but a ground then space version of the same mission above.

The mission would start by you coming into the middle of said fleet battle where the federation is losing or has several derelict ships that have been disabled or partially destroyed. The mission would entail being instructed by a ranking officer that the captain of the USS somethingoranother has been captured and beamed back to the flagship or another ship of the opposing fleet. This ship is involved in the fleet battle. You are supposed to rescue the captain that was captured by boarding the enemy ship and saving him/her.

So the battle would start with lowering the shields on the target ship then getting prompted for the away team while the battle rages on. Go to the ground part, which would take place on the enemy ship and ultimately saving your captured captain, then beaming back to your ship. After that the mission would go into a space where you participate in the rest of the fleet battle.

I feel like one of the big things missing in a lot of missions is the feeling you made a bold move that turned out well, and start to make a name for yourself in Starfleet above merely attaining ranks. In episodic content it is often that you do feel like a hero, but this feel of doing something larger than yourself is missing from the genesis system driven missions. This would help to address and hopefully set a trend that could make the repeatable missions more exciting.
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04-02-2010, 12:44 AM
Most people appear to be looking for some diplomatic missions rather than more combat

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