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I've been doing a lot of random exploration at RA5 in random star clusters, even Delta Volanis. I find it to be "something to do" until we get more episodic content put into the game in the future. Also, exploration is just fun, especially if you let your imagination (and love for Trek ) float with it. I just tend to skip the "Aid the planet" missions of course until they are revamped/fixed.

Anyway, I was wondering if any thought was given in perhaps "scaling" the rewards based on rank for [random] daily exploration missions. So being at RA5, you could go do exploration dailies in the other clusters elsewhere on the map for 5th-Order badges, or even Marks of Exploration. One day, you could be asked to explore the Arcanis arm, then another day be ordered to Rolar Nebula, or B'tran. Any of them. Just a couple/few dailies at random areas would be neat.

Lower-level players could respectively earn badges at their rank at the nebula's they've already been to along with those they are currently exploring.

I think something like this would compliment exploration rather nicely especially with the enhancements being developed/tested currently, and It could make it a little easier for RA's to earn those Marks of Exploration for sweet gear.

My million $ question: All the random missions in any cluster scale to your level rather nicely, shouldn't badge rewards scale too?

Thoughts? I'm sure there's pro's and cons to this, so i thought i'd bring the discussion here.

Thanks. Be well.

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P.S.: Sorry if this was discussed somewhere already.
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04-12-2010, 03:39 PM
I both like the idea, and don't like the idea.

I too, have been searching for things to do since reaching RA5. One of those things is the explore assignments.

I like the idea of scaling when I think about equipping my own ship, but I am also interested in using the exploration pts to trade for items and then sell them on the exchange. I like to think my prices are fair and I am providing desired goods to people in lower ranks.

Since I do both like and dislike the idea, I think it best not to mess with it as it stands.

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