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My ****ing God!

That was a WHOLE bounch of candy

You see, there's more tv shows that I watched alot as a kid, that I've forgotten about and only remember perhaps small fragments off..

And I thought, maybe, just maybe, one of the tv shows you listed was the other tv-show Ive been looking for for about 6 years..

Space Above and Beyond!!!!!

I remember the brown haired girl "Kristen Cloke" as you can see from the intro so very well,, its probably 15-16 years since I last saw that series.. but I still remember this one episode that was REALLY horrying.. I still can resite like 80% of the episode after 16 years!! imagine that

Anyways, havent checked out the other tv shows yet, but I will, and hopefully one of them is the one I remember

I will definetely go hunting for dvd-releases of "SPace Above and Beyond"
Been out for many years now- worth the investment as it was one of the best EVER produced. I bet you're thinking of the episode where they have to liberate a mining complex from the AI's, and after kristen Cloke's character plays back a recording from the AI's memory of them executing her parents she goes berzerk and clears the outpost almost singlehandedly.

Chilling and comical at the same time.

BTW- to the OP, it's "Cleopatra 2525" , cheesy but fun Sci-Fi.
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It was "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters".

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