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04-05-2010, 11:51 AM
If you are bored, hop in lower tier ship of your choice and pvp. Its good for a while, but even that gets boring.
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04-05-2010, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by wildfyre010 View Post
I stopped reading here.

Even though Extend Shields shares a GCD with RSP, it's far from useless.

It isn't useless, but it's the most powerful heal in the game right now by a huge margin and a single ship with cannons can still bust through the healing factor.
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04-05-2010, 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by Foxrocks
Yes, PVP sucks with damage the way it is. Defenses are pretty much useless.
it works as intended (psst get a tactical alt and you can do insane dmg. who cares of shields? AP)
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04-05-2010, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
I'd prefer a slightly slower more strategic space combat experience myself. When one well timed volley can completely wipe an opponent from the map that doesn't seem too fun to me.
Just Tacticals will wipe ppl from map in 2 sec. others arent really that bad.
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04-05-2010, 06:08 PM
Originally Posted by Rothnang
Yea, cannons are way too powerful right now, and in general the DPS gap in this game is wider than the grand canyon. The difference in DPS between a support ship running aux and an escort running weapons is litterally a factor of 20 or greater.

I don't know exactly what Cryptic was thinking, maybe Phasers on a science ship running aux are supposed to the equivalent of a wizard hitting an enemy with his stick or sometrhing. But then again, in every game with wizards their spells do huge damage... Science abilities can't kill anything, except for Feedback Pulse which is getting nerfed and rightly so.
I been saying since CB, that cannon, especially DHC is overpowering, combined this with rapid fire.. etc. and it a major issue.

Why cannon is op - if you read Cryptic description,

Each of the weapons types has strengths and weaknesses associated with it.

* Beams burn down shields very well but do less damage against the hull.
* Cannons burn down shields almost as well as beams, but do more hull damage.
* Torpedoes do little damage to strong shields, but do a lot of hull damage.
* Turrets can burn down shields well, but donít do as much damage to the hull.

Its the only weapon that can do both well, burn down shields almost as well as a beam and on top of it, do more hull damage.

If you read the rest of weapon types, they only l do one thing well, not two.. Cannon need to do one thing well, either shield or hull, but not both well.

If not, give the other class the ability to equip DHC cannon then ing
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04-05-2010, 10:45 PM
Just would like to point out that beams arent that much weaker in terms of dps as cannons. They just lack the burst. If they would be severely underpowered, my escort fitted with 4 beam arrays wouldnt be on top dmg table with other cannon escorts. I have tested thoroughly (150 matches) it during my extended weekend, and there is nothing wrong with beams. Its much more personal thing.

They could however lower the burst capability of rapid fires by 10-15% tho.
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04-06-2010, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
Just would like to point out that beams arent that much weaker in terms of dps as cannons. ... Its much more personal thing.
I concur. Though I do pack a load of cannons, I will never get rid of beams entirely. I've seen Overload deliver the coup de grace too many times.

BTW, I won't mention screen and ship name (not sure how you feel about it), but if you are who I think you got one speedy ship! Damned hard to kill too. Tip o' the hat.
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04-07-2010, 07:16 AM
Originally Posted by Tsvaox
I respecced yesterday like most others to an escort build. I already had MK X cannons since I actually had leveled as an escort. I pick up my necessary BOFF skills such as CRF 2 and 1 along with APB and HYT 2.

I head into my first PUG PvP match and end up getting a score of 22 and 1 along with some 400k+ damage. And the trend has continued ever since in fact the worst I have done is 10 and 2. Simply put escort DPS or rather dual heavy/dual cannon rapid fire DPS is so out of control it makes PvP trivial. No longer am I worried about having abilities to counter other players heck I hardly worry about survivability at all since I stay with the group. People stacking RSP are not even a problem since I can kill them with bleed through damage. And even though I am doing so "good" in pvp it is not even remotely fun my opponents have no chance there is no thrill or excitement.

Is anyone else feeling this way? I am only logging on anymore to do dailies now since PvP has become such a drag.

The tribble change to shields will not even be enough to fix this problem.
i havent been on tribble so what change to shileds ^^

also lets say u get 10% bleedthrough
ud have to do over 400k dmg to kill a cruser by bleed through
if 5 of u wanted to kill by bleedthrough ud have to each give an average of

about 75k each which turnes out to be about
5000 dps for 15 secconds

which is possble however each ship would need to be equipped with 4 front cannons (4004 dps if specked)
and several back turrets
then you would have to be engeneer and use nadeon inversion and eps transfer ect so your weapon power dosent dissapear

well its possble but your egzagerating slightly ^^

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