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04-05-2010, 08:02 AM
We are a group of like minded players that feel the game is best enjoyed in a group. We work together to make the game more fun and to promote group play. Our goal is to make it possible for our members to always have the help they need to complete those hard missions and encounters.

Our Rules/Values
1. Must be mature
2. Need to use Ventrilo (its easy to set up and a big help)
3. We take care of our own
4. Wear the fleet uniform
5. Have fun

We do all aspects of the game and don't tell you how to play. We always are well organized and willing to help out players. In fact officers in the fleet are required to help players that need help, but we like helping so its not a big deal. We use vent to better communicate. Everyone gets along and we have a variety of different characters and levels. We also have a good fleet bank established and no one is taking advantage of it. If you want fun and fair play join us!

We have players at all levels, so if you just finished the tutorial, or are an RA 5 expert, you are welcome.

Just give me a tell or add me as a friend if you are interested. You can also of course reply in this post.


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