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05-08-2010, 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by ThomasGideon
I could see a single use race respec being a C-Store item. I could also see a one time class respec being a C-Store item as well.

I do not know of the software framework exists on Cryptic's end to make it work yet, but I'm sure they will at some point. Most major MMOs have this already for an extra fee.
My suggestion would probably be quite limiting... and cause major whining, but... If the race respec becomes a C-Store option, I'd like to see alien players get one for free - if they created their toon using all parts of a species, like - someone made a Cardassian using the Scaled Neck skin, Scaled Length nose, Scaled Spoon forehead, Scaled Length ears. Just as a reward for trying to play a real species.
Or, finally let us buy C-Store items as gifts, so I can go around award people myself. Just to rub in it the bizarre faces of C0M4ND3R L33T and co.

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