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Highlight stuff that should be in the game in green.

Highlight bugs, mission options or other things that need fixing in red.

-Different noses (broad nosese, jewish noses, etc)

-Resizing ears

-Full lips (Geordi as an example, you cannot obtain his lip size in this game or even close)

-Visor: Still gliches when you change certain face sliders
1) Brow Protrusion
Makes both sides of his visor grow and go downwards the higher the slider is set (towards the right). Strangely the right side of the visor (the character's right) doesn't grow like the left side and the point on the corner of the visor doesn't move on the left.
The center stays where it was and causes the visor to bend.
2) Eye Size
Make the visor grow though again his left side grows and shrinks more than the right. (not that any side should really grow or bend).
3) Eye Height
Moves the Visor up and down however the center of it doesn't move up and down! It causes more bendy visor!
Again the left side of the visor goes up an down properly but the right side stays stuck in place making it all bendy.
4) Eye Width
Makes the visor more or less wide. Actually seems to work fine. (though it might stretch the right side more than the left however I'm unsure).
5) Nose Height
Adjusts the center of the Visor but only the bottom of it. You can use it to attempt to repair bendy visor but it's stil glitchy.
6) Nose Bridge Height
Adjusts the cente rof the visor, the bottom more than the top. Everything once again goes bendy.

Basically the Visor bends and gets messed up a LOT and is one of the most glitchy costume pieces there is.

-Facial Hair
In the future has the technology to be clean shaven disappeared? You cannot be clean shaven and always have a 5 o'clock shadow unless you put your base complexion to Standard 02 (which is Asian) or Aged or alien ones.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
04-05-2010, 08:59 PM
Well this is going places!

I'll add another one...

-Android skin tone! (Data specifically)
You can get a bunch of off white tans and stuff but nothing quiet like Data's white/yellow skin.

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