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04-06-2010, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by rickhowdy View Post
Federation Science Vessels cannot use Attack Pattern Omega. If you see a sci-guy pop sci-team on himself then you know you can VM him for the next 20 seconds and he can't do jack about it. Granted, your team can still get you out, but I wouldn't put that under the "easy as hell" heading. For ships with access to Attack Pattern Omega it does become trivial though.
If you can see a science guy use science team on himself that is amazing, considering there is no way to tell if it was his own sci team or a friendly players sci team...Not to mention if you use a VM when someone has the buff from a sci team and the VM is a lower or equal rank as the VM then it wont even hit them.
If all else fails god forbid while youa re VM-ed you type in that super long phrase "VM on me" or "Sci team plz"
I know that is tough and all maybe a voice com could help with that as well. Try ventrilo ro skype or teamspeak. I figure everyone in star trek uses voice chat with that little doohicky on thier chest maybe we could use some too.
IMO there is a distinct difference between a real pvper and a star trek fan playing in PVP land. real pvpers say "GG" and move on, others cry "nerf" and "hacker" and "exploiters".
Fact is no MMO has perfect balance even in games meant for PVP (WAR, GW) there is imbalance that people use. The one factor that always beats individual skill is teamwork.
Again I really want to know what other skills are out there that people need help overcoming, I am truely sick of reading the whines of players that are too thick to figure out how to deal with STO PVP.
Please aside formt he 5 sci klingons all in BOP there is no I win button. That is the only combo that is OP.
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04-07-2010, 05:04 AM
Originally Posted by Dekkameron View Post
Who are you calling blonde?
Sounds nicer than mousey brown. <3 you!

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