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04-07-2010, 06:03 PM
pvp is...pvp.

PuG vS. pRemaDe, the pre'z will most likely will win. Doesn't matter if its KvK, FvF, FvK.

PuGz vs. pUgZ, its what all single players no attachment to fleets,clans, guilds...whatever you want to call it, wants. Chaotic pvp where anything can happen. (best part is the trash talk, even when ur team is losing)

IMO any faction with the majority of their force able to be stealth "should be" winning. The strategic ability to stage, and prep for the attack.

Mebbe Cryptic should change how Science operate w/ the sensor scan, more like a pulse, it continues to pulse every so often, the more aux the more frequent/large the pulse scan.

The tactical debuff, that prevents players from stealthing "was" ok...but I don't even use it for anti-stealth. If the players are unstealth and engaged, its kill or be killed. If the debuff is on the target, most likely attempt to soar away till the debuff is gone, out of action, restealth, and return to attack. In that moment, u r probably battling it out with someone else. Unless you chase the runaway.
Lt. Commander
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04-07-2010, 06:29 PM
some things of note i read yesterday that might bring to bear on this discussion, but have yet to go into effect on tribble:

1. shield power levels are suppose grant your shiled a damage resistance for higher power level
2. FBP is getting reworked to apply to cannons as well, but the mechanic is being redone as well
a. FBP III will return up to 100% of the recieved damage to the attacker, not the insane amount it does now
b. FBP will first apply to the shields with a 50% bleed through
3. viral matrix is suppose to get reworked. not sure how, but sci team will be fixed to clear and eng team
should have a chance to clear.
4. bonus to turn rates is getting moved from AUX power to Engine power.

I do think it would be nice for a PVP stat page based on map for the past week that sums up the following:

1. total number of matches played
2. total number of players from each faction that have played
3. total kills for each faction
4. total deaths for each faction
5. total damage for each faction
6. total healing for each faction
7. for the salvage maps, avg amount of influence left t the end of each match.

this could even be expanded into klingons to give them something else to work for. if they could somehow chooses their house allegiance (duras or martok) through a choice at character selection or by fleet (a feet is like a klingon house and houses support one another) leaders or by quest. maybe change your house allegiance if you want after a certain time frame via a quest chain. a banner could by displayed in the great hall for the week's victor and maybe even month's victor. this could be changed at scheduled maintenance times. of course, those not affiliated with a house would be assigned randomly still.

you could do the same for the federation, but i not sure how canon wise.

you could also give some trivial bonus for being affiliated with the winning side for the time period. this even could apply cross faction. if the klinks win overall in pvp battles for a month, they could get a "spoils of war" buff where they get extra marks of honor or badges, or the next three purchases from the exploration/pvp vendors are reduced by a small amount. just for being on the winning side, the federation buff could be "peace has been assured" but gives the same bonus. something small, something not game ending if you lose, but shiny if you win and gives an RP motivation.

for in faction pvp bonuses make it extra honor/merits energy or pvp marks or even 1 reduced price purchase.

this could encourage pvp a little more, but would not require it to play the game. you could also have only certain maps that qued toward this goal, giving premade, serious pvp groups a bonus and leaving casual guys something else, but the casual guys would still have to deal with the serious guys practicing.

of course it would be fair to require at least 1 pvp match to get such bonus.

the web posting of basic map pvp stats would also help in monitoring changes the DEVs make. say they change a fed ship and all of a sudden feds start owning at everything, and their damage skyrockets massively. that would be an indication the change was unbalancing or was somehow bugged much faster.

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