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04-08-2010, 06:10 AM
Originally Posted by Dkarall
Here how Abrams Star Trek Version should have ended

this wins at the internet....
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04-08-2010, 06:31 AM
Originally Posted by SaintHazard View Post
Some ridiculously short period of time, yeah... even if more time actually passed, the way the film was edited, it wasn't shown well. It seemed like a few days between Kirk getting on that shuttle and cheating on the Maru, even.

Abrams doesn't show the passage of time particularly well, apparently.
To be fair, there was some large text on the bottom of the screen that said "Three Years Later" between Kirk getting on the shuttle and him in bed with the Orion chick.

One thing I liked about the movie was McCoy. I had some doubts about Karl Urban pulling it off, but he did a great job.
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04-08-2010, 07:53 AM
Indeed, I fully enjoyed the McCoy. Of all the actors, I felt he nailed the character. It's not really enough to just say someone is a character that we are all familiar with, especially one as beloved as McCoy, you really have to get the attitude right. Karl Urban channelled De Kellely
By the by, The things I listed in teh early thread were just my nits about why this timeline was completely different from TOS timeline, I have a whole mess of other nits I could pick, but that would invalidate the point of the reboot. Heres the thing, though (and I know I said this before), if you are going to re-imagine a series, don't include Nimoy, or Shatner, or anyone else. I know it's popular to include original actors in these things, but then you should have had Nimoy as a hot dog vendor at Starfleet or something, not Spock. A wink and a nod is all we need, not a borg implant and a baseball bat. That's my two cents worth.
Now, I just literally had needles stuck in my eyes (I'm serious, I had real needles stuck in eyeballs) and I would like to have a nice liedown. >pulls up the covers< Goodnight until i decide to kill CaptWinters again.

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