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Obviously with The Cure, we have need for something to keep the Workers away from the Transformer pylons. From that, and also just generally, I'm curious now as to which of the "control" abilities is best (considering knockback, stun, and repel as "control" -- am I missing anything?).

I have found that the Bat'leth's special attack works quite well to put those Workers down, but it limits you to just one spot. The Engineer Force Field Dome repels them back but it doesn't last long, and they seem to be able to do their hax from just outside its radius. I tried a white Polaron Blast Assault, and it has good AOE knockback but the recharge time is too long and its standars bolts are crappy. Now I have a Mk X Phaser KB3 rifle but it's only 33% 10% 5% for its procs... that seems lame, but I haven't fully tested it yet.

But then I wonder what other weapons or powers (for any class, but especially for Engineer) would be effective here. What are your thoughts on repel vs. knockback? And how about mines?

I am sorry if this duplicates any other threads. PS -- I already know about knockback shields, but feel free to add them to the discussion, along with kits of course.
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04-01-2010, 03:54 PM
Chroniton mines are useful, as is knockdown. Once knocked down, they do take a while to get back up.
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04-11-2010, 06:16 AM
the Bat'leth's special attack is a cone aoe, that isin those situations where the are a few workers nea the node you can use one attack to knock them all back.

otherwise i would say knockdown is by far better than kockback as sometimes the workers seems to take forever to stand up.

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