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Think we are all Old Wow, but anyway.

I'm looking for an active CST (or close to it, USA Time zones) Fleet.
Endgame goals.
Semi organized, but not hard core.
Not into RP
Play for fun and group activities, raids, etc.

Spent 4 years as a hard core to semi hard core wow raider.
Officer numerous times, but rather just have fun right now.

I'm a mature player. Over 30, Professional Photographer, lots of free time to play.
I have skills, but with a desire to always be better or find a better way to play.

Normally I would find a Fleet/Guild that would be a good fit for my play style and personality, but since all Fleets are very new and I have no real feel for who's who and what they have to offer or need, I thought I would just post here and see who's interested.

Again, looking for an active fleet of mature players.


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